Compare the Republican and Democratic Platforms

Put together by the Family Research Council

Election Resources  Robyn is a pastor’s wife with a passion for encouraging people to be intelligently involved in the political process. She is based in OC and posts a wealth of information in web links plus home school and church aids.

Scott Peotter, a former Newport Beach City Councilman and Christian Activist puts together voter recommendations called PEOTTER'S PICKS – Craig Huey is based in LA county but posts recommendations for many other counties. 


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Praying for the Election

Nine Points for Prayer

Election Scriptures

Different Scriptures by election topic

Politics According to the Bible

Christians and Government-1 Page that you will love

God's Sovereignty Over Elections

How God influences earthly leaders

Why Christians Should be Involved

Government is ordained by God and changed by God

What Churches Can and Cannot DO

We believe that you can do anything God leads you to do. But here are guidelines that are within the current legal framework.

Compare the Presidential Candidates

Put together by the Family Research Council

Answers to an Anti-Trump Christian

Wayne Grudem, writes this in a response to a Christian Friend. This was published on

Wayne Grudem is a Distinguished Research Professor of Theology and Biblical Studies at Phoenix Seminary in Arizona. 

Trump's Accomplishments

Put together by the Family Research Council

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